Lifting Praise to God

Let us lift our hearts to the Lord, To the Almighty, let's raise our minds up to Him. For He has showered on us His grace, His abundant favor He has heaped upon us. Let us sing praise to the King of Kings, To the Lord of Lords, may we give thanks. For He has … Continue reading Lifting Praise to God

Working with God

How should we feel as we do the do the ministries of God? In this devotional from Exodus 36, we will observe how the workmen who built the tabernacle handled their ministry.

Sacrifices to the Lord

How do the animal sacrifices found in the Old Testament, apply to our walk with Christ. In this devotional from Exodus 29, we did deeper in the reasons of the sacrificial system and how its principles apply to us today.

A Banquet for the Lord Part 5

A man has prepared a feast for the Lord. In this narrative poem, we will see what happens as he waits for his Guest of Honor. This is the final part of this poem. Enjoy and God Bless

Impressing Man Over God

What is your motivation in serving? From this passage from Matthew 23, we will discuss the importance of having the right motivation for serving God and practicing what we preach.

All the Way for God

I will not jump halfway, All the way, I'll leap for the Lord. For a bird doesn't fly halfway, For God, it soars with all its might. A fish does not swim half-heartedly, For the Almighty, it flies through the water. One doesn't fall halfway in love, With all their heart, they give their devotion. … Continue reading All the Way for God

How Great is My God

A rose is beautiful to see, Yet the Lord surpasses even its beauty. The sun is too bright to look at, But God shines with greater brilliance. An ocean is vast upon the earth, Yet the Lord's vastness is unfathomable. The universe stretches to infinite, But the Almighty is beyond even this. All things don't … Continue reading How Great is My God

We are the Kingdom of God

We're called to be the House of God, The Lord has made us His abode. His dwelling is within us, Our heart is the foundation on which He builds. The Lord founded His Kingdom upon us, A beautiful realm in His people He has made. We are called to work with the Almighty, It's His … Continue reading We are the Kingdom of God

Being Remembered

Leaving a Legacy Many years ago, I attended the funeral of my cousin Sammie.  It was a moving memorial service, but what really impacted me the most was the large audience who came to pay their respects.  The testimonials that people gave for my cousin also revealed to me that he made a great impact … Continue reading Being Remembered