Rescued by the Good Shepherd

I have fallen under my load, My burden has caused me to stumble. I am a sheep overwhelmed by my baggage, My sins have caused this sheep to fall. It has caused a wound to my soul, My transgressions have made a deep gash in my heart. My anguish, I cannot heal myself, No salve … Continue reading Rescued by the Good Shepherd

The Love Story of the Lord

Let me tell you a love story, An ancient tale of devotion I will share. In the beginning, God made man in His image, The Almighty formed humanity in His likeness. The Lord saw us and He loved us, He adored us the moment He made man. For humanity, God gave every good gift, All … Continue reading The Love Story of the Lord

Holy God, My Devotion I Give

Holy is the Lord God Almighty, Nothing on this earth can compare to the King of Kings. What thing in the heavens can equal to the Lord, Who in all the universe can match up to the Almighty? The wonders of God are too great to describe, Too marvelous are the miracles of the King. … Continue reading Holy God, My Devotion I Give

My Life is for the Lord God

My life, I give to the Lord, All that I am, I offer up to God. Consecrate me, my King, to be your treasure, To be your prized possession, set me apart from all. May every moment, in my life, give you glory, May the Almighty be honored by all that I do. Let my … Continue reading My Life is for the Lord God

Advent Day 7-Devout Family

The Light now shines downward, Upon a man and woman does the beam fall upon. The couple has seen many years gone by, Their hearts have grown old over the years. Yet their hearts are still full of devotion to the Lord, Their love for the Almighty makes their bodies shine. Who are these new … Continue reading Advent Day 7-Devout Family