Living Like We’re Free

Why was Israel chosen by God as His special people? In this devotional from Exodus 40, we will discuss the importance of God's grace and how we should respond to it as followers of Christ.

Heeding the Lord’s Order

The order has been sent, God has given His command. We move forward into the frontier, To unknown places we march. We're sent to free slaves of sin, To break their bondage we're called. We're the army of the Living God, The Almighty's Witnesses we are called. The frontier is full of dangers, Many challenges … Continue reading Heeding the Lord’s Order

In Honor of the Fallen

For those men and women who fight and died for the freedoms that we cherish in this country, this poem is dedicated to them: Many have fallen for this country, For this land, a multitude gave their lives. Why would they make such a sacrifice, At the cost of their lives, why did they pay … Continue reading In Honor of the Fallen

Jesus Redeemed Us

For us, Christ paid a heavy price, With the price of blood, did Jesus redeem us all. Only through the blood can we be made whole, By the shedding of the Messiah's blood, is our sin removed. Now we no longer live for ourselves, Our destiny is not driven by selfish desires. For now we … Continue reading Jesus Redeemed Us

Independence in Christ

Indeed, I was slave to my sins, Nothing I could do could free me from its chains. Despair overshadowed me during my bondage, Everywhere I looked there was only darkness. Provision came from my Heavenly Father, Everlasting life was found in the King of Kings. Night turned to Day when He entered my life, Despair … Continue reading Independence in Christ