Receiving the Crown

The crown of Glory is not just given, The praise of my Lord is not given for nothing. In order to receive my prize I must fight for Him, I need to struggle for my Savior in order to gain my crown. Help me my King to stand firm for You, As I face the … Continue reading Receiving the Crown

No Pain, No Gain in Christ

When you read about the heroes of faith and how they suffered much but still held on to their faith, have you ever wondered what compelled to suffer so much? We will examine the verse from 2 Corinthians and identify their motivations to endure.

Independence in Christ

Indeed, I was slave to my sins, Nothing I could do could free me from its chains. Despair overshadowed me during my bondage, Everywhere I looked there was only darkness. Provision came from my Heavenly Father, Everlasting life was found in the King of Kings. Night turned to Day when He entered my life, Despair … Continue reading Independence in Christ

The Lord is my Peace

I have set my heart to rest in the Lord, The Peace of God, my soul has determined to dwell upon. My willfulness had been broken by His grace, It was by my Savior's mercy that my pride was beaten down. Now in my submission to Him, I am finally free, The bonds of sin … Continue reading The Lord is my Peace

Serving God on the Nile Part 5

Previously.... Four weeks ago, I began to tell of my experience going to Egypt on mission trip for the first time and what the Lord revealed to me during that adventure.  In my previous post, I shared my experiences in the first village I visited which was the third day of my mission trip.  Let … Continue reading Serving God on the Nile Part 5

When God Speaks

How often does it happen when God answers your prayer and you ask Him again to repeat what He said?  There are times when God tells us to do something that we really don't want to do, we ask Him to repeat just in case He changes His mind.  Sometimes God's answers to our prayers … Continue reading When God Speaks

God’s Wants vs. Our Wants

Have you ever heard some Christians say that they could ask for whatever they want from God and He would give it? Does that mean if I prayed for wealth, would He give it to me? Certainly not! Some people, when reading the Bible have put words in the Lord's mouth. Let us examine this verse from John and see what Jesus has to say about our prayers.

First Aid of the Soul

We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded by temptations that try to compromise our souls and break our fellowship with the Lord.  No treatment made by man can heal these wounds of the heart.  Only first-aid made by our Heavenly Father can make our souls regain strength.  That First-Aid is His Word … Continue reading First Aid of the Soul

Jesus Christ: My Friend

Before Christ, I was unloved, No one cared for me as my Jesus did. My Savior is my kind friend with no equal, No companion is as gracious as my Lord. He alone can take my sin and give me life, When my world was dark, Jesus alone can bring me light. Nothing on this … Continue reading Jesus Christ: My Friend

Being Willing to Change

Change is something that most people tend to shy away from.  Mostly because changes sometimes creates great pain in the process and it requires us to either add something unfamiliar or take away something that we hold dear to us.  However is a vital part of life, especially in our Christian walk.  That change began … Continue reading Being Willing to Change