Seeking Godly Pleasure

Is the pursuit of pleasure a bad thing? In the second chapter of Ecclesiastes, the preacher went to find out if pleasure has any value. Let's discover what he found out and how we can take what he discovered and apply it to how we handle pleasure.


It is so easy to forget your goodness,
How often it is I lose sight of your love.
I am ashamed when I don’t think of you,
When my thoughts are elsewhere I am convicted.
Let me come back to your Word and remember,
May I recall your grace as I read your Thoughts.
My Lord, forgive me for my waywardness,
For my willfulness, I confess to my Father.
What a good King is my God,
No evil is found in my blessed Redeemer.
For He will hear my prayer and forgive me,
When He listens to my confession, He accepts.
So I will strive not to forget my God,
Daily, will I struggle to remember my Lord.
For He is too beautiful to forget,
To not remember God is to lose goodness.

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I read several Psalms this morning, as well as a few chapters from Daniel.

And then I prayed.  I was so moved by God’s goodness and my own sin.  I was convicted about my lack of prayer, my resistance to being holy, my inclination to following my own ways.

I just need to pray more.  I want all my thoughts to honor God.  I want my behavior to point to Him in everything.  I want people in my neighborhood, people at work, people I encounter on the streets – all to see something in my that is not of this world.

God is so good.  So good beyond my understanding.  I forget that so quickly.

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