God Works In My Difficulty

There are days when I am lost on the way, In life, there are moments that confuse me. I ask why the Lord let such days happen, In moments like these, I ponder how the Almighty could let them be. Such times seem too harsh and mean to be part of the plan, In hard … Continue reading God Works In My Difficulty

Peter Talks Salvation Part 3

In this conclusion of our study of salvation through the Letter of the Apostle Peter, we begin to study the verses that are the second letter. The issue of salvation produces in us many questions, I do hope that this will help you answer some of them.

Why Endure Hardships?

Have you ever had those moments, when you are serving the Lord in the work that you do, that you just want to stop and quit because the going is just too much? What good is it to endure such hardship? If anyone had a good reason to complain was the man Joseph, but in Genesis 41, we see the results of his faithfulness. Let us learn from Joseph and how it can apply to us.