The Healing

In this excerpt, the Bible Jumpers witness Jesus healing two men. Please leave any comments below and please vote for the title of the book. God Bless.

The Broken Man Made Whole

Behold the broken man, Shattered beyond recognition is he. He is a man without hope, Darkness and despair, his friends. He lies alone in the dark, In the void, separated from all is he. The broken man prays for healing, For wholeness, he pleads in the dark. The Lord hears his prayers, His pleas reach … Continue reading The Broken Man Made Whole

God Makes Whole the Broken

I was broken beyond repair, Flaws were everywhere in me. People look at me in disgust, Ridicule they filled the air around me. Who would want such horrid person, Such filth belongs in the junk heap. So here I stood with the garbage, In the refuse I made my abode. But then the Lord came … Continue reading God Makes Whole the Broken

Rescued by the Good Shepherd

I have fallen under my load, My burden has caused me to stumble. I am a sheep overwhelmed by my baggage, My sins have caused this sheep to fall. It has caused a wound to my soul, My transgressions have made a deep gash in my heart. My anguish, I cannot heal myself, No salve … Continue reading Rescued by the Good Shepherd

Ladies and gentlemen

I will proclaim to all ladies and gentlemen,
To the men and women of this world I confess.
This world has broken my heart,
My soul has been ripped asunder.
Nothing on this earth can mend my heart,
My soul, no man can put back together.
Only the One who made my heart can restore,
The One who can repair is the One who gave.
Who is it who can fix that the world can’t,
Who can restore what I can’t bring back?
Only the Lord can heal the broken hearted,
My torn soul, my God can make whole.
So I will seek the Almighty in my brokenness,
In my pain, I will come before my King.
And my Redeemer will place new life in me,
New hope will my Messiah put into my heart.
I will now sing joy to my God,
Forever will I give thanks to my Lord.
This I share to all men and women of the world,
Dear ladies and gentlemen, I testify this to you.
That God can fix all things,
Nothing is impossible for the Lord.

Momentary Lapse Of Sanity


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Does God still heal today?

My heart is full of sores,
Agony has burned my soul.
The weight of this world has wounded me,
I am scorched by the evil of the earth.
Who will heal me of these injuries,
What doctor is there to make me whole?
The Lord always sees my wounds,
My King shows compassion unto me.
He comes and mends my wounds,
My soul is made whole by the touch of my Lord.
So I will sing of the Almighty’s goodness,
Of my Savior’s mercy I will share with all.
For my Redeemer is the Master Healer,
The Master Doctor is my Messiah.
And He will heal all who come to Him,
When we let Christ in, He will make us better.

My Bible Reading, Listening and Living

Reading: Matthew 14:13-14

“When Jesus landed and saw a large crowd, he had compassion on them and healed their sick” (v.14)

Of course!


His compassions never fail,

they are new every morning,

and He is faithful (Lamentations 3:22).

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