Beautiful Love, Lovely Grace

I was in darkness when I came to be, Black with sin I was when I was born. But my Christ covered me in scarlet, His red blood was shed for me. His offering purified me of sin, White as snow I became by His sacrifice. I'll show my love to my Savior, Blue water … Continue reading Beautiful Love, Lovely Grace

Jesus is the Only Way

The Absolute Way We live in a world that says that there are multiple ways to get to God.  The problem with this school of thought is that it denies the concept of absolute truth.  Whether they are willing to accept it or not, absolute truth does exist.  For example, humans can't live without air; … Continue reading Jesus is the Only Way

Afternoon Bible Verse

There is no joy in storing treasures here on earth. In fact there is a great deal of stress in the whole thing. Those who keep earthly treasure must worry constantly about maintaining them and protecting them from those who would try to steal them.
Storing treasure in heaven however is a different story. These treasure have no limit to them, so you don’t have to worry about them running out or maintaining them. Furthermore, these treasures are kept for us in safe keeping by the Lord God. Therefore we don’t need to worry about someone trying to steal them.
How do we store treasure in heaven? When we do the works of God, out of faith and love for Him, we begin to storage process. Therefore, let’s invest into eternity with our good works fueled by faith.

Three Iron Nails

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Understanding Eternity

There are many people that have their ideas about eternity. Yet they can't back up their claims with legitimate proof. However there is only One who know what eternity looks like because He is eternal. Let us learn about eternity through the word of God.