Impressing Man Over God

What is your motivation in serving? From this passage from Matthew 23, we will discuss the importance of having the right motivation for serving God and practicing what we preach.

Thinking for God

Good Internet The internet has become an integral part for many people.  We use it to communicate to people from other parts of the world.  Without the internet, it would be difficult for us share information or learn about things that are outside our zone of influence.  When used the right way, the world wide … Continue reading Thinking for God

Wonder at the Hand of God

I look at the night sky and wonder, In awe am I at all the heavenly bodies. Gazing at the deep blue sea I marvel, I'm astounded by the wonders of the deep. My eyes widen as I behold all of nature, At the the wonders of the earth, my mouth drops. How amazing is … Continue reading Wonder at the Hand of God