Beautiful Love, Lovely Grace

I was in darkness when I came to be, Black with sin I was when I was born. But my Christ covered me in scarlet, His red blood was shed for me. His offering purified me of sin, White as snow I became by His sacrifice. I'll show my love to my Savior, Blue water … Continue reading Beautiful Love, Lovely Grace

Guide in the Wasteland

I walk the desolate wastes, The wasteland is vast all around. No shade can be found in this desert, In this hot expanse, there is no shelter. My heart thirsts for water, Living water my soul requires. Where can I find a spring in this waste, In this desert, can I find the living fountain? … Continue reading Guide in the Wasteland

Hope for A Student

I watched you as you grew up, I was in awe as you matured. My heart soared when you succeeded, When you stumbled, my soul fell. When you laughed, I laughed with you, My heart broke for you when you cried. I've never been prouder of you than I am now, You achievements fill me … Continue reading Hope for A Student

Make Jesus Your Captain

This world is  turbulent as the stormy sea, Like a violent hurricane do we compare our abode. We are tossed back and forth by its mighty waves, Like ships moved to and fro are we by the world's currents. We strive to find a place of safety, To a safe harbor we struggle to sail … Continue reading Make Jesus Your Captain

Advent Day 25- Hope in Christ

Our drama has come to an end, This is the conclusion of the tale. Yet it is not the end of the Hope, Nor is it the conclusion of the Promise. The Light from the Child glows throughout the world, Darkness has fled from His stunning radiance. The chill of the void has lost its … Continue reading Advent Day 25- Hope in Christ

Advent Day 24- Magi’s Gifts

After a long journey they have arrived, The goal of their quest has been found. Faithfully, they followed the Star, The Beacon of Hope guided them to Him. The men of renown have come to the humble gate, Before the mouth of the cave, the wise men wait for an audience. With bowed heads they … Continue reading Advent Day 24- Magi’s Gifts

Advent Day 23- Hope is Born

The chill bites through the night air, The silent night is deafening to those who listen. Yet it is now the turning point of the great story, The climax of the Divine Drama has begun. The Holy Light shines on the most unlikely of places, Upon a shallow cave does the Beam illuminate. For in … Continue reading Advent Day 23- Hope is Born

Its a Love Story

abandoned adventure

God is actively pursuing you.

He doesn’t withhold Himself from you.

He chases after you with all that He is.

He wants to be found by you.

He is all around you, waiting to be found by you, drawing you to Himself.

He delights in you.

You can have as much of Him as you want.

Open doors to Him and He will fill the whole space.

He is a gentleman, He will never force His way in.

He just stands at the door and knocks.

Even if you haven’t let Him into the home of your heart, He already knows the contents of all of your closets.

Don’t be led astray by the thought that you need to clean yourself up in order to reach out to God.

He loves you at your worst just as fiercely as He loves you when you are in step with Him.


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Advent Day 22- Shepherd Song

What a glorious night this is, Indeed, our hearts are full of wonder. For the Lord has revealed His Hope to us, The Almighty has shown us His Promise. In the small bed we saw the Light of the Lord, The Radiance of God was in that bed of straw. His gaze upon us gave … Continue reading Advent Day 22- Shepherd Song

Advent Day 21-Angelic Host

The stars glitter in the night sky, The curtain of night sparkles with shiny gems. One can get lost in this dazzling display of light, This field of stars can produce awe in the soul. For the men of the field, this is their rest, For their toil, this is the shepherd's reward. Yet as … Continue reading Advent Day 21-Angelic Host