Beloved by Jordan Feliz

We live in a world that tries to bring us down with pain and suffering. In the song "Beloved" by Jordan Feliz, we discover that we don't need to live under the dark cloud of pain.

Jesus is the Only Way

The Absolute Way We live in a world that says that there are multiple ways to get to God.  The problem with this school of thought is that it denies the concept of absolute truth.  Whether they are willing to accept it or not, absolute truth does exist.  For example, humans can't live without air; … Continue reading Jesus is the Only Way

Under the Lord’s Banner

If we are in Christ, we are His soldiers, We are mighty warriors under Jesus' banner. We have been given our marching orders, The Almighty has revealed our mission. Faithfully, we must press on in our march, Obediently, the mission of God, we must follow. Despite the difficulties, we must press on, We must move … Continue reading Under the Lord’s Banner

Hymn of the Faith Soldier

The first shots were fired from the Cross at Calvary, From Golgotha, the revolution began. The first disciples established the  Holy beachhead, The Church began the invasion for God. The Reformers rallied us back to the divine mission, Their words called us back to His Holy Scripture. We are the soldiers of God's Army, The … Continue reading Hymn of the Faith Soldier