Honoring a Man of God

On Sunday, September 2, the pastor of my church went to be with the Lord. He was only 39. When I attended his viewing, I was inspired to write this poem in memorial to the man of God who truly lived his life totally committed to Christ.

A New Heart From God

Wanting a Joyful Life Every one of us desires a life that is full of hope and joy.  We want to experience love that goes beyond the physical and into the realm of the spiritual.  However, no matter how hard we try, we always fall short of this dream and are left feeling dejected. A … Continue reading A New Heart From God

Great is the Wisdom of God

How great is the wisdom of the Lord, The ways of the Almighty, how marvelous they are. No philosopher's thinking can come close to His statutes, The knowledge of the scholar can't compare to God's knowledge. Even when the things of man pass away in time, As the accomplishments of humanity are quickly forgotten. The … Continue reading Great is the Wisdom of God

Life in the Christ’s Trail

The world tells of many paths, There are numerous ways to God they say. These trails of men are alluring to be sure, They are attractive, these man-made religions are. But they all lead to the way of death, A dead end is found in these paths of men. There is only one way which … Continue reading Life in the Christ’s Trail

God Hears the Pained Soul

There were times when despair consumed me, Fear, sometimes, placed me into a downward spiral. Rejection fueled the despair within me, My fears were driven by the thought of being abandoned. I made a mask to hide my feelings, My worries, I concealed with a smile. But the mask only increased my anxiety, Frustration overwhelmed … Continue reading God Hears the Pained Soul

Fountain of Eternal Life

My Jesus is a spring of Living Water, A fountain of Eternal Life is my Christ. How deep does His Living Water flow, His Fountain of Life will never dry up. Drink from His Spring and find sweet Love, Beautiful Grace is discovered when you partake of His Fountain. The waters of earth cannot compare … Continue reading Fountain of Eternal Life

Advent Day 22- Shepherd Song

What a glorious night this is, Indeed, our hearts are full of wonder. For the Lord has revealed His Hope to us, The Almighty has shown us His Promise. In the small bed we saw the Light of the Lord, The Radiance of God was in that bed of straw. His gaze upon us gave … Continue reading Advent Day 22- Shepherd Song

Advent Day 8- Prelude to Hope

In a flash, the scene changes, We are taken to a different setting in an instant. Now the Light shines within a house of worship, We are shown the holiest of places. Here a devout man gives prayers to God, Petitions to the Lord does Zachariah offer up. Then an angel appears to the priest, … Continue reading Advent Day 8- Prelude to Hope

Advent Day 6- Divine Herald

The curtain rises upon God's greatest story, The poetic drama of the Lord is about to begin. In the center of our stage shines the first player, Glowing like a star stands the herald of the tale. Who can describe the beauty of the one that is before us, What words can can be used … Continue reading Advent Day 6- Divine Herald

Advent Day 5- Divine Drama

The wondrous Light reveals a Divine stage, A beautiful set is made known by the Radiant Glow. The greatest story of all is about to begin, A Divine drama is about to start. What is this tale that is about to be revealed, This great mystery, what is it about? It is a Heveanly Story … Continue reading Advent Day 5- Divine Drama