Behold the Wondrous Light

I was in darkness before I knew Him, When Jesus found me, I was lost in the void. I did not know the way to go in the darkness, In the dark abyss, I traveled aimlessly. The the Almighty showed me the way to go, In the void, God revealed His wondrous light. I was … Continue reading Behold the Wondrous Light

The Guide to the Light

This is a world full of darkness, A vast void has consumed it. Many have stumbled trying to find their way, In the dark void, people have lost the path to life. They long to see the Light of God, Humanity desires to find illumination in the Lord. Yet they must be careful, of those … Continue reading The Guide to the Light

Advent Day 6- Divine Herald

The curtain rises upon God's greatest story, The poetic drama of the Lord is about to begin. In the center of our stage shines the first player, Glowing like a star stands the herald of the tale. Who can describe the beauty of the one that is before us, What words can can be used … Continue reading Advent Day 6- Divine Herald

Advent Day 3-Blessed Shadows

The Light grows stronger in the darkness, The Void's grip begins to lessen in its brilliance. It gives way to shadows that were once hidden, Darkened forms begin to shape in the Light's glow. What do these forms mean to me, Why were these shadows now appearing? They tell the story of the Hope that … Continue reading Advent Day 3-Blessed Shadows

Tears Fall – Revelation 21:4

The life we live is full of pain. Everywhere we look we see nothing but fear and death. There seems to be no hope to be found anywhere.
In man, no light could ever be found. Let us thank God for bringing His light to us in the form of Jesus Christ. In Jesus, we find joy and peace in place of fear and death.
In Christ all the tears that we received from this world will be wiped away. In their place will be tears of joy because He came to live in us. Let us come to the Light and bathe ourselves in its radiance. May it wipe the stains of our pain forever and full us up with hope.

The Bottom of a Bottle

Tears Fall – Revelation 21:4

Still the tears falls
Everyday You wipe them away
In darker hours
My strength beyond my hope
You tend to my broken soul
I see death no more
Conquered by light
You say don’t mourn for what has passed
But breathe the new life
Of every waking day
That in this will we will journey together
Still in the times the tears will fill
Forevermore You wipe them away
I remember the salvation You place within me
Until the tears of my pain turn to joy

Revelation 21:4 Revelation 21:4

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The Answer is You

The Lord is the source of all hope in this world. He is the Light in the darkness that we all ought to seek. We need to seek Him because our sins have cast us into darkness.
In the darkness, we cannot see or know which way to go. There is nothing more terrifying than to be in a vast space, lost and in the dark. Fortunately, our God doesn’t wish for us to stay lost in the dark.
He has provided a light in the form of Jesus Christ. Unlike other lights that have come before (lights from other beliefs), the Light of Christ will never go out for it is fueled not be human understanding, but by the loving grace of God. Therefore, it is time for us to stop dwelling in the darkness and embrace the Light of Christ, for when we do, our lives will be filled with His light and it will never go out.


No hope in the darkness
All feelings are blue
Seeking the light
The answer is You

A hole in the heart
Desires askew
Need love of the perfect
The answer is You

Direction is lost
No not what to do
Discover the Word
The answer is You

Suffering soul
Just can’t get through
Healer of all
The answer is You

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Worship Review: Lights Shine Bright

Reflection When I hear the lyrics of "Lights Shine Bright" by Toby Mac, I am reminded of the words that Jesus said.  In Matthew 5:14, Jesus tells us that when we put our faith in Him we become a light to the world. Now the purpose of light is to shine so that others who … Continue reading Worship Review: Lights Shine Bright

Living in God’s Light

Our relationship with light is a love and hate one. We love it because it shows us the beauty of God's creation. We hate it also because it forces us to acknowledge the stains caused by our sins. Nevertheless, it is important for us to walk in the Light of Christ. In John 3:18-21, the apostle reveals the importance of being in His light and the consequences of remaining in darkness.