Living Like We’re Free

Why was Israel chosen by God as His special people? In this devotional from Exodus 40, we will discuss the importance of God's grace and how we should respond to it as followers of Christ.

Lifting Praise to God

Let us lift our hearts to the Lord, To the Almighty, let's raise our minds up to Him. For He has showered on us His grace, His abundant favor He has heaped upon us. Let us sing praise to the King of Kings, To the Lord of Lords, may we give thanks. For He has … Continue reading Lifting Praise to God

Remembering God’s Love

We live in a world that is full of modern idols that vying for our worship. How can we resist these idols as Christians? In this devotional from Exodus 34, we will learn that understanding the nature of God and realizing the consequences of sin is the answer.

Rescued by the Lord

Yesterday, I was helped by the Lord, The Almighty rescued me in times past. He did so because He loved me dearly, His grace, He has placed upon me. So now, I will give praise to my God, To my King today, I will proclaim my thanks. For He has showered me with His mercy, … Continue reading Rescued by the Lord

God is with Us

Each of us has been called to do to a certain mission. However, how can we achieve this work well? In this devotional from Exodus 33, we will learn that the secret to a successful ministry is when God is with us.

Defender of the Oppressed

In this devotional from Exodus 22, we learn the importance of show charity and grace to those who aren't as fortunate as we are.

God is with Me in the Dark

Before the dawn I rose, I awakened before the sun awoke. The air was crisp without the sun, Without light, cold bit into my skin. The sky clearly showed the stars, The shiny dots glittered in the dark. In all this, I felt completely at peace, Fear didn't consume in the darkness. For the Lord … Continue reading God is with Me in the Dark

Victory Over Sin

To fight against sin is difficult, It's challenging to overcome iniquity. For temptation lures us with desire, Desire entices us to indulge in wickedness. But the desire fades once the deed is done, The guilt overwhelms us after it's committed. So we plead to the Lord, seeking forgiveness, With repentant heart, we return to the … Continue reading Victory Over Sin

Thanks to my Amazing God

Thanks to God, I'm made strong, For giving me strength, I honor Him. Thanks to the Almighty, I'm safe from harm, For my security, I give praise to my King. Thanks to the Prince of Peace, I'm blessed, For my salvation, I glorify my Savior. For all things, I sing thanks to Him, I give … Continue reading Thanks to my Amazing God

Loved by God Am I

I am the Lord's beloved, Loved by the Almighty God am I. He came looking for me, He searched for me with diligence. He took me and made me clean, My sin, My God removed from me. He is my shield against all harm, From evil, my King saved me. But there were times I … Continue reading Loved by God Am I