The Healing

In this excerpt, the Bible Jumpers witness Jesus healing two men. Please leave any comments below and please vote for the title of the book. God Bless.

Advent Day 12-Crisis in Faith

Our story moves at the speed of Light, In a flash our scene has changed once more. A new character is about to be introduced, Let us see who this new character is. He paces to and fro in his house, Furrows of worry crease his brow. For his world, which was bright and glorious, … Continue reading Advent Day 12-Crisis in Faith

Advent Day 11- Hope Starts

Time flies in an instant in our tale, Light travels quickly in our heavenly drama. For the Holy Spotlight appears over the devout couple, Our attention is again on Elizabeth and Zachariah. The angel's message has been fulfilled, What Gabriel has said has come to pass. Elizabeth has been blessed with a son in her … Continue reading Advent Day 11- Hope Starts

Advent Day 8- Prelude to Hope

In a flash, the scene changes, We are taken to a different setting in an instant. Now the Light shines within a house of worship, We are shown the holiest of places. Here a devout man gives prayers to God, Petitions to the Lord does Zachariah offer up. Then an angel appears to the priest, … Continue reading Advent Day 8- Prelude to Hope

Advent Day 7-Devout Family

The Light now shines downward, Upon a man and woman does the beam fall upon. The couple has seen many years gone by, Their hearts have grown old over the years. Yet their hearts are still full of devotion to the Lord, Their love for the Almighty makes their bodies shine. Who are these new … Continue reading Advent Day 7-Devout Family

God Will Send His Word To Heal And Deliver You

Our God Comes AntiochLIVE It is sad to consider how people have taken all the good things that the Lord has done for them for granted. We take them for granted because they happen everyday and as a result we fail to realize they are a miracle from God. When people think of miracles, they often think of something impossible God accomplishes in someone’s life (stories in the Bible for example); such instances are worthy of giving praise to the Lord.
However, the Almighty is not into the grandiose miracles that people often see in the Bible. We must understand that the Bible does not record every miracle that God had done throughout history. If it did, then the Word of God would be too big for us to handle.
That is because God is into the tiny and common miracles that we take for granted everyday. Giving us air to breathe, food to eat, and clothing to wear are just examples of God’s many miracles that He showers upon His people. Even though they are small, they are still miracles from God nevertheless.
Therefore let us pause and consider all the things that God has given to us daily. After considering the multitude of God’s blessings upon us, let us give thanks to the Lord. For every aspect of our lives is a miracle from the Almighty.

Everyday is a miracle from the Lord, if we only open our eyes to it.  Check out these selections above and learn about the Miracles from God.

Becoming the Oil and the Wine

He sent his word

He sent His word and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions.

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