Facing a Godly Challenge

Proclaiming the Gospel may seem like an impossible task. In our study of Exodus 3, Moses was also given an impossible mission. Let's see what the Lord did to instill confidence in him and may it instill faith in us.

Advent Day 19- Shepherds

The air grows colder as night draws near, As the sun sets, the chill becomes greater. Even so, there are people out in the cold, There are those who must brave the chill. The Holy Light shines brightly on these people, These brave souls are the focus in this scene. To keep warm, they gather … Continue reading Advent Day 19- Shepherds

Fighting for the Lord

My Lord has given the call, time to call up my strength, Be strong and courageous, my Master has given the order. The enemy we face is strong, let us wrestle them to victory, We will fight and pray with all our might, for the foe in the field is dangerous. With the Lord on … Continue reading Fighting for the Lord