Wonder at the Hand of God

I look at the night sky and wonder, In awe am I at all the heavenly bodies. Gazing at the deep blue sea I marvel, I'm astounded by the wonders of the deep. My eyes widen as I behold all of nature, At the the wonders of the earth, my mouth drops. How amazing is … Continue reading Wonder at the Hand of God


I consider the glorious Sun and marvel,
At the amazing Sun I am in great awe.
For it reflects the brightness of God,
It radiance originates from the Almighty.
As I watch the rainfall, I am amazed,
I’m speechless watching the storm.
For they reveal a portion of God’s power,
It’s strength shows just a shadow of His might.
I will praise the Lord for the Sun,
For the storm, I will give thanks.
He is greater than all the might of nature,
Creation points us to the power of the Almighty.


Do you ever ponder the sun,

Why he blinds you if you dare gaze upon his awe,

Do you ever wonder about the rain, why it scares you with, Thunder, lightning and pouring noises, if you wander about during its reign,

They hide a beauty they don’t want you to see

They hide a wonder they deem too good for you and me.
But if headstrong and curious you gaze at the sun, you’ll see a cloud so transparent, you wonder how beautiful the face of God would be, if the clouds that he made to shadow you and me, defined nature and irrational beauty.

If determined despite, the pouring rain, the noises its brothers make, you wander around as if it were a sunny day, you’ll see the colours you never knew existed, trees moving to the same rhythm, their leaves not close to green, the clouds look…

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Rays of God Point to God

Let us consider the beauty of sunny day, Behold the majesty of days full of rain and clouds. Let us think on the power of the great oceans, Ponder the mighty forces of both rivers and lakes. Pay attention to the glory of the vast heavens, Behold the wonder that is on and in the … Continue reading Rays of God Point to God