“He Knows”, by Jeremy Camp

We live in a world that bombards us daily with pain and misery. However, in this song by Jeremy Camp, we learn that we have one who understand our pain and is there to help us through it.

Fight Against Oppression

Oppression runs rampant in this world. Everyday, in the news, we hear how people persecute those who are unable to help themselves. How do we deal with oppression. In Ecclesiastes 4, we discover the root of oppression and learn how we can combat it.

Worship Review: “He Knows”

Reflection When I listen to the words from "He Knows" by Jeremy Camp, I am reminded just how broken us human beings are.  We may try to put on a strong face and pretend that everything is okay, but deep down inside we are under a great deal of strain that is pulling us apart … Continue reading Worship Review: “He Knows”

Tears Fall – Revelation 21:4

The life we live is full of pain. Everywhere we look we see nothing but fear and death. There seems to be no hope to be found anywhere.
In man, no light could ever be found. Let us thank God for bringing His light to us in the form of Jesus Christ. In Jesus, we find joy and peace in place of fear and death.
In Christ all the tears that we received from this world will be wiped away. In their place will be tears of joy because He came to live in us. Let us come to the Light and bathe ourselves in its radiance. May it wipe the stains of our pain forever and full us up with hope.

The Bottom of a Bottle

Tears Fall – Revelation 21:4

Still the tears falls
Everyday You wipe them away
In darker hours
My strength beyond my hope
You tend to my broken soul
I see death no more
Conquered by light
You say don’t mourn for what has passed
But breathe the new life
Of every waking day
That in this will we will journey together
Still in the times the tears will fill
Forevermore You wipe them away
I remember the salvation You place within me
Until the tears of my pain turn to joy

Revelation 21:4 Revelation 21:4

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Seeing God in The Pain of Life

Oh my God, when my heart distresses, let me come to you, During times when my soul sorrows, may my heart inline to my Savior. Listen my Lord to heart's petition, Give ear and hear my King, to your servants plea. Let me know You are near my Lord even in my groans, Even when … Continue reading Seeing God in The Pain of Life