Blessed to do His Work

I have been blessed by the Lord, Honored am I by the Almighty. For He has given me an opportunity, The job of a lifetime He's placed on me. To proclaim His Message of Love to all, His Gospel of Grace He's put on my lips. I urge my brethren to stay the course of … Continue reading Blessed to do His Work

Keep Moving For God

When we face danger or pain, our first response is to be afraid and run away from it. In this devotional on Exodus 14, we learn what God would have us do when we face various trials as we serve Him.

Godly Training

Before beginning any new work, it is important that we prepare ourselves for whatever may come our way. In Exodus 13, we learn the importance of seeking Godly training when doing the Lord's work.

Beloved by Jordan Feliz

We live in a world that tries to bring us down with pain and suffering. In the song "Beloved" by Jordan Feliz, we discover that we don't need to live under the dark cloud of pain.

Relying on God’s Promises

Whenever we face difficulties, it is easy to fall victim to anxiety and fear. In Exodus 6, the Lord speaks to an anxious Moses and reveals that he has no reason to fear; and neither should we when crisis comes our way.

Dealing With Persecution

As we live out the mission which God has given us, what do we do when we are persecuted for our faith? In Exodus 5, we see how the Israelites are persecuted because of the message of God. From their story, we will learn the right way and the wrong way to handle persecution.

Going on the Path to Life

The path I'm given is rough, Full of rocks are on the trail I take. The road I travel is narrow, Difficult to get through is the way. Yet there's an easier way to go, A wide and clear road is an option. But I won't go on this trail, This easy street I will … Continue reading Going on the Path to Life

Overcoming Temptation

Dealing with Temptation Being a follower of Jesus Christ is not easy.  Even though we are forgiven of all our sins and have eternal life, we still confronted with temptation.  Why do we still deal with temptation even after we are saved? A World of Sin We live in a world that is full of … Continue reading Overcoming Temptation

For the Fallen in Christ

After hearing of the tragedy that happened on May 26th, the Lord stirred my heart to write this poem.  This poem, I dedicate to those who stand firm in their faith in the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings: Why does the world hate your people, To your children, why Lord do they suffer … Continue reading For the Fallen in Christ

Through the Inferno

Heat surrounds me on every side, I am engulfed by the great inferno. I look around for a place to escape, Desperately, I seek a way out. But no exit can be found, There is no way to flee the flames! The fires get closer and closer, My skin is scorched by the licking flames. … Continue reading Through the Inferno