Making a Choice for God

The power that human governments have over us were given to them by God. But what happens if these authorities pressure us to obey laws that are contrary to God's law? In the beginning of this new series on the Book of Exodus, we meet two women who face this dilemma and we will learn how they overcame it.

Power Used Responsibly

Have you ever considered why you have the things that you have? Did you think that you have them because you worked hard for them and therefore you ought to do what you want with them? In this study in Matthew 24, we learn that the reason we have what we have goes way beyond our selfish desires.

God Has All the Power

Pushing the Limits When I go the gym, I strive to push myself and see how long I can go before my body calls it quits.  When that happens, I push myself a little bit harder, trying to get every ounce of power out of my body to go a little while longer.  Nevertheless, no … Continue reading God Has All the Power

My Love to my Holy God

Who can compare to the holy God, Holy King, what man on earth can be your equal? Who can stand up before the blessed Almighty, Blessed Lord, no man can do what you do. Divine Father, your mercy exceeds all mercy, Merciful are you my King of Kings. For you made all the universe by … Continue reading My Love to my Holy God

Wisdom on Authority

We live in a world that encourages people to defy those who are in authority. Why is there so much hostility towards those in power? In Ecclesiastes 8, the preacher explains the benefits for respecting those who are in power and the consequences of defying them.

The Lord is in Charge

Have you ever been given some form of authority over something? How should you use this power? As we read from John 19, we learn that when we are given power, it requires a great deal of responsibility and recognition of where our authority comes from.

The Promises of God

My life will rest upon the Lord,
In my God, will I find comfort for my soul.
For the Almighty is full of truth and never lies,
Covenants He makes, He never breaks.
My life will have peace in the Lord,
In my God, I will find security for my soul.
For my King is faithful in all things,
He will always provide for His flock.
My life will have grace in the Lord,
In my God, I will find favor for my soul.
For my Savior loves me without any condition,
He loves me so much that He died for me.
My life will have hope in the Lord,
In my God, I will have a future for my soul.
For my Messiah is greater than all things,
The power of God surpasses all understanding.
Therefore I will have strength in the Lord,
In my God, I will have power for my soul.


2 Corinthians 1:20-22

The Christian life rests on a foundation of God’s promises for today and for the future. We can trust everything that our heavenly Father has said to us, because His Word shows Him to be …

Truthful. The Lord knows what is true and speaks honestly in all matters. We can be assured of this because He is holy; there is no sin in Him. He is also omniscient and understands everything (Heb. 4:12-13). His promises are based on His infinite knowledge and truthfulness.

Faithful. Scripture compares the Lord to a shepherd who “gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart” (Isa. 40:11 NIV). What He has planned for us, He will bring to fruition (Phil. 1:6). Our heavenly Father does not waver in His intentions or will.

Loving. God’s love for us was demonstrated at the cross. He sent His Son…

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