Lifting Praise to God

Let us lift our hearts to the Lord, To the Almighty, let's raise our minds up to Him. For He has showered on us His grace, His abundant favor He has heaped upon us. Let us sing praise to the King of Kings, To the Lord of Lords, may we give thanks. For He has … Continue reading Lifting Praise to God

A Promised Inheritance

I've been promised a wonderful inheritance, An amazing heritage God has bequeathed me. Yet now, it's not in my sight, The promise has yet been given. Even so, I know that it exists, My treasure is waiting for me, this I know. For Christ is holding it for safe keeping, With His nail scarred hand, … Continue reading A Promised Inheritance

Advent Day 25- Hope in Christ

Our drama has come to an end, This is the conclusion of the tale. Yet it is not the end of the Hope, Nor is it the conclusion of the Promise. The Light from the Child glows throughout the world, Darkness has fled from His stunning radiance. The chill of the void has lost its … Continue reading Advent Day 25- Hope in Christ

Advent Day 24- Magi’s Gifts

After a long journey they have arrived, The goal of their quest has been found. Faithfully, they followed the Star, The Beacon of Hope guided them to Him. The men of renown have come to the humble gate, Before the mouth of the cave, the wise men wait for an audience. With bowed heads they … Continue reading Advent Day 24- Magi’s Gifts

Advent Day 22- Shepherd Song

What a glorious night this is, Indeed, our hearts are full of wonder. For the Lord has revealed His Hope to us, The Almighty has shown us His Promise. In the small bed we saw the Light of the Lord, The Radiance of God was in that bed of straw. His gaze upon us gave … Continue reading Advent Day 22- Shepherd Song

Advent Day 21-Angelic Host

The stars glitter in the night sky, The curtain of night sparkles with shiny gems. One can get lost in this dazzling display of light, This field of stars can produce awe in the soul. For the men of the field, this is their rest, For their toil, this is the shepherd's reward. Yet as … Continue reading Advent Day 21-Angelic Host

Advent Day 20- Star of Hope

Into the darkest of night they traveled, The three wise men continue through the silent night. They continue their search for the Promised One, The King of Hope do the Magi still seek. They searched in the Holy City with no success, No fruit was reaped when they harvested Jerusalem. The city says to look … Continue reading Advent Day 20- Star of Hope

Advent Day 18- Magi’s Quest

The deserts sands are cold and desolate, Void and forbidding are the sandy wastes. Yet here the Light shines on the sands, Upon three men does the Beam shine. From far away have these men traveled, Far to the East have they journeyed. Riding on three camels as they go, With purpose do these beasts … Continue reading Advent Day 18- Magi’s Quest

Advent Day 11- Hope Starts

Time flies in an instant in our tale, Light travels quickly in our heavenly drama. For the Holy Spotlight appears over the devout couple, Our attention is again on Elizabeth and Zachariah. The angel's message has been fulfilled, What Gabriel has said has come to pass. Elizabeth has been blessed with a son in her … Continue reading Advent Day 11- Hope Starts

Advent Day 10- Virgin’s Faith

The angel has now departed the virgin, Mary is left alone with her thoughts. Yet even with the Light gone, she still glows, The maiden's faith shines brightly in the dark room. The damsel remains on her knees in meditation, There is much to consider as she kneels. Then she begins to pray to the … Continue reading Advent Day 10- Virgin’s Faith