A Paul-Like Testimony

This is a Guest Blog talking about the importance of understanding one's purpose in life.

Fear God When Your Young

When you are young, you do not think about the consequences of your actions. Only as you get older that you think back and wished you could go back and change your mistakes. In this last chapter of Ecclesiastes, the preacher gives advice to all of us in regards to how we live our lives. For what we do in this life, will affect our eternity.

Faith Walker’s Course

A runner has his race to run, To finish his course is the sprinter's goal. The sailor has his boat to sail, Reaching his destination is what the seafarer desires. The farmer has his fields to plant, To have a great harvest is his wish. Every person has a goal as they work, There is … Continue reading Faith Walker’s Course

Scream For Someone

Before I knew you I was lost, I did not know the way to go, my Lord. I cried out for deliverance and you came, In my most dire need my God rescued me. I searched for the answer and found nothing, My quest for self-purpose produced nothing but air. Then I prayed to you … Continue reading Scream For Someone