I am Yours, My Lord God

I am yours, my Lord God, To you alone I belong, my King. You have purchased me by your blood, By your life, you have redeemed my soul. My soul belongs to you my sovereign Lord, You only my God, does my heart belong. With your death, you made me yours, By your sufferings, you … Continue reading I am Yours, My Lord God

To My God, My Soul Belongs

Sin comes knocking at the door, Every day Temptation beckons me. It wants to come in to kill me, To destroy is the goal of Sin. Its knocks burden me greatly, I'm tormented by its repeated calls. I called out to the Lord for help, For rescue, I pleaded to the Almighty. My Divine King … Continue reading To My God, My Soul Belongs

In Christ, I’m Redeemed

My life was in multiple places, I was stretched in wide spaces. I felt as if I had no worth, For no fruit from my goals have come forth. My life was driven by what I did, Only to find it worthless as lead. But now I know the truth of it all, God sees … Continue reading In Christ, I’m Redeemed

Jesus Redeemed Us

For us, Christ paid a heavy price, With the price of blood, did Jesus redeem us all. Only through the blood can we be made whole, By the shedding of the Messiah's blood, is our sin removed. Now we no longer live for ourselves, Our destiny is not driven by selfish desires. For now we … Continue reading Jesus Redeemed Us

Victory Over Sin in Christ

Someone tell what sin is, Who can define the nature of it? Sin is something that is a part of us, Our very nature is laced with iniquity. Why is it so terrible for us, What is it about sin that God hates? While we have transgression, we are apart from the Almighty, The Lord … Continue reading Victory Over Sin in Christ