Responding to God’s Message

What would you do if you heard that you could have a better life if you just gave up the comfortable, yet sinful, lifestyle you are living in? Would you take this news as good or bad? How would react to the one who gave you the message? In John 12, Jesus, being God in the flesh, proclaims His message of new life in Him. How would you respond?

Bible Journal-5/13/01

I have been writing journals since 2001. All of them are reflection of what God revealed to me in His Bible. This is the beginning of a Flashback series, which will be every Sunday. Here I will share what God showed me a long time ago.

God is Waiting For Repentance 

Welcome to the Bible Verse Application Minute.  Once on the weekend, I will read a verse from the Bible and briefly describe how believers in Christ can apply to their every day life. This is the first I am doing this so please feel free to share your comments. God bless. ​​