God Saves Me From Dismay

Torment consumes my soul, My hearts is torn to pieces. Pride has become my companion, My close friend is now Sadness. They compel me to do what I hate, What I despise, they lead me to do. Their temptations lead me astray, They take me from the path with their lures. I follow their lead … Continue reading God Saves Me From Dismay

The Broken Man Made Whole

Behold the broken man, Shattered beyond recognition is he. He is a man without hope, Darkness and despair, his friends. He lies alone in the dark, In the void, separated from all is he. The broken man prays for healing, For wholeness, he pleads in the dark. The Lord hears his prayers, His pleas reach … Continue reading The Broken Man Made Whole

God Makes Whole the Broken

I was broken beyond repair, Flaws were everywhere in me. People look at me in disgust, Ridicule they filled the air around me. Who would want such horrid person, Such filth belongs in the junk heap. So here I stood with the garbage, In the refuse I made my abode. But then the Lord came … Continue reading God Makes Whole the Broken