A Promised Inheritance

I've been promised a wonderful inheritance, An amazing heritage God has bequeathed me. Yet now, it's not in my sight, The promise has yet been given. Even so, I know that it exists, My treasure is waiting for me, this I know. For Christ is holding it for safe keeping, With His nail scarred hand, … Continue reading A Promised Inheritance

My Love to my Holy God

Who can compare to the holy God, Holy King, what man on earth can be your equal? Who can stand up before the blessed Almighty, Blessed Lord, no man can do what you do. Divine Father, your mercy exceeds all mercy, Merciful are you my King of Kings. For you made all the universe by … Continue reading My Love to my Holy God

The Wonders of God

Daily I wonder at the ways of my God, Every moment I consider the Almighty's wonders. Why does my Savior do the things He does, What is the reason my Lord cares to think of me? He does His works out of love for us, His wonders reveal our provision in Him. When we fear, … Continue reading The Wonders of God