Overcoming Temptation

Dealing with Temptation Being a follower of Jesus Christ is not easy.  Even though we are forgiven of all our sins and have eternal life, we still confronted with temptation.  Why do we still deal with temptation even after we are saved? A World of Sin We live in a world that is full of … Continue reading Overcoming Temptation

The Call to Repent

The Long Wait Have you ever waited for something for so long that your ears started to tingle when you hear news about it?  All of us have had that feeling, whether it was waiting for news of a loved one who was on a long journey or waiting in agony over medical test results. … Continue reading The Call to Repent

Jesus Redeemed Us

For us, Christ paid a heavy price, With the price of blood, did Jesus redeem us all. Only through the blood can we be made whole, By the shedding of the Messiah's blood, is our sin removed. Now we no longer live for ourselves, Our destiny is not driven by selfish desires. For now we … Continue reading Jesus Redeemed Us

Rescued by the Good Shepherd

I have fallen under my load, My burden has caused me to stumble. I am a sheep overwhelmed by my baggage, My sins have caused this sheep to fall. It has caused a wound to my soul, My transgressions have made a deep gash in my heart. My anguish, I cannot heal myself, No salve … Continue reading Rescued by the Good Shepherd

Bringing Down My Jericho

I behold the mighty fortress in my life, A great stronghold stands before my path. This castle keeps me from moving forward, Blocking me from my mission, this Jericho does. It is too great for one man to handle, Even an army of men cannot bring Jericho down. What is this stronghold that hinders me, … Continue reading Bringing Down My Jericho

What is Absolute Truth?

What is Truth? This world that we live has come up with many definitions of what truth is. However, which one is correct, they can't be all right? In this reading from John 18, we delve deeper into understanding what absolute truth is and why the world refuses to accept it.

The Strength to Resist Sin

Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.  Blessed art thou, O Lord: teach me thy statutes. Psalm 119:11-12 (King James Version) All of us, at one time or another, have stumbled in our faith walk and yielded to temptation.  It was after one of those stumbles that … Continue reading The Strength to Resist Sin

Hope in the Face of Sorrow

What is the Follower of Jesus to do in this sinful world that they live in? We know that Jesus is coming soon, so do we just bury our heads in the sand and wait for Him. We read in John 16 that this is not what Jesus wants for us. Let us learn how to have hope in the face of sorrow in this world.

Set Free from Sin

Before my Christ I was a prisoner to transgression, I became a slave to rebellion the moment I was born. My heart was full of the stench of sin, The foul odor of iniquity overwhelmed my soul. I despised who I was and wanted out, I wished to flee the darkness I was in. Then … Continue reading Set Free from Sin

A Prayer for When We Fall

Lord, I come to you with a heavy heart, My soul is grieved as I enter your presence. For I have stumbled on Your my King, On my life journey I have fallen into mud. I am caked by the mire of sin, My very being is stained by my falling. I come before my … Continue reading A Prayer for When We Fall