Lifting Praise to God

Let us lift our hearts to the Lord, To the Almighty, let's raise our minds up to Him. For He has showered on us His grace, His abundant favor He has heaped upon us. Let us sing praise to the King of Kings, To the Lord of Lords, may we give thanks. For He has … Continue reading Lifting Praise to God

Broken Things, by Matthew West

When I read about the characters in the Bible, I notice one thing they all have in common; they are not perfect people.  For example, Abraham was a liar, Jacob was a cheat, and David was an adulterer.  Yet despite their flaws, God still used them to accomplish great things in His name. There is … Continue reading Broken Things, by Matthew West

To My God, My Soul Belongs

Sin comes knocking at the door, Every day Temptation beckons me. It wants to come in to kill me, To destroy is the goal of Sin. Its knocks burden me greatly, I'm tormented by its repeated calls. I called out to the Lord for help, For rescue, I pleaded to the Almighty. My Divine King … Continue reading To My God, My Soul Belongs

God is with Me in the Dark

Before the dawn I rose, I awakened before the sun awoke. The air was crisp without the sun, Without light, cold bit into my skin. The sky clearly showed the stars, The shiny dots glittered in the dark. In all this, I felt completely at peace, Fear didn't consume in the darkness. For the Lord … Continue reading God is with Me in the Dark

My Other Half

I search for her night and day, Every nook and cranny I seek her. For the one I'll call my own, The one who's my other half I look for. I desire a friend who'll be with me for life, The one I seek is the one I'll call wife. My heart is shrouded in … Continue reading My Other Half

Thanks to my Amazing God

Thanks to God, I'm made strong, For giving me strength, I honor Him. Thanks to the Almighty, I'm safe from harm, For my security, I give praise to my King. Thanks to the Prince of Peace, I'm blessed, For my salvation, I glorify my Savior. For all things, I sing thanks to Him, I give … Continue reading Thanks to my Amazing God

Beautiful Love, Lovely Grace

I was in darkness when I came to be, Black with sin I was when I was born. But my Christ covered me in scarlet, His red blood was shed for me. His offering purified me of sin, White as snow I became by His sacrifice. I'll show my love to my Savior, Blue water … Continue reading Beautiful Love, Lovely Grace

Under the Lord’s Banner

If we are in Christ, we are His soldiers, We are mighty warriors under Jesus' banner. We have been given our marching orders, The Almighty has revealed our mission. Faithfully, we must press on in our march, Obediently, the mission of God, we must follow. Despite the difficulties, we must press on, We must move … Continue reading Under the Lord’s Banner

Jesus Redeemed Us

For us, Christ paid a heavy price, With the price of blood, did Jesus redeem us all. Only through the blood can we be made whole, By the shedding of the Messiah's blood, is our sin removed. Now we no longer live for ourselves, Our destiny is not driven by selfish desires. For now we … Continue reading Jesus Redeemed Us

The Love Story of the Lord

Let me tell you a love story, An ancient tale of devotion I will share. In the beginning, God made man in His image, The Almighty formed humanity in His likeness. The Lord saw us and He loved us, He adored us the moment He made man. For humanity, God gave every good gift, All … Continue reading The Love Story of the Lord