Even If, By Mercy Me

In our Christian walk, we will face hard times.  When they come, we pray to the Lord, asking Him to save us from these hardships.  However, what happens if the Lord says no? In this music video from Mercy Me called "Even If," we are reminded that during those times when God does not move … Continue reading Even If, By Mercy Me

What to do in Trials

What do you do when you face a difficult situation? In Matthew 26, we learn how Jesus handled His test of faith and how we can apply how He handled it to our own trials.

Through the Inferno

Heat surrounds me on every side, I am engulfed by the great inferno. I look around for a place to escape, Desperately, I seek a way out. But no exit can be found, There is no way to flee the flames! The fires get closer and closer, My skin is scorched by the licking flames. … Continue reading Through the Inferno