Building Godly Trust

During our walk with God, we will face difficult times. When such hardships come our way, our first impulse is to flee from it and seek out comfort. In this devotional from Exodus 16, we will learn that when dealing with pain, there is only one thing to do.

Prayer is Important

Unanswered Prayer Have you ever had those moments when you feel like God does not care about what is happening to you?  For example, suppose you are in a financial or medical crisis.  You pray earnestly for the Lord to deliver you from these trials.  However, the more you pray, the more challenging the situation … Continue reading Prayer is Important

God is in Control

A Loss of Control Have you ever had moments when things don't go the way you hoped?  After all the planning and all your best efforts, the goal that you wanted to reach slips through your fingers and there was nothing you could've done to stop it.  Why can't things go the way we want … Continue reading God is in Control

The Banner of the Lord

I set out on the course I must go, My mind is set upon the path I'm given. But the way seems dark and threatening, Shadows and menace shrouds my goal. My heart melts within me, Quaking with fear is my soul. But then I see His standard, The banner of the Lord appears before … Continue reading The Banner of the Lord