The Golden Lion of God

The dark lion stalks me daily, Every day, I'm pursued by this monstrous beast. It longs to consume me through and through, My heart and soul it desires to devour. Ever vigilant I must be for the dark lion, Against this monster, I must keep a watchful eye. But my flesh is weak and I … Continue reading The Golden Lion of God

Sticky Note to God 10.26.16

My Lord, teach me to be aware of all things,
Keep me alert to my surroundings my King.
For darkness surrounds me daily,
Everyday, evil tries to overwhelm me.
Help my mind to be focused my God,
Father, guide my thoughts to honor you.
For my thoughts enjoy drifting to darkness,
My mind loses the trail very easily.
May I stay steadfast in my prayers,
Let me not forget, my Lord, to come to you.
Without you, my world becomes dark,
Being with you keeps me in the Light always.

CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann


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