Wonder at the Hand of God

I look at the night sky and wonder, In awe am I at all the heavenly bodies. Gazing at the deep blue sea I marvel, I'm astounded by the wonders of the deep. My eyes widen as I behold all of nature, At the the wonders of the earth, my mouth drops. How amazing is … Continue reading Wonder at the Hand of God

Behold the Wondrous Light

I was in darkness before I knew Him, When Jesus found me, I was lost in the void. I did not know the way to go in the darkness, In the dark abyss, I traveled aimlessly. The the Almighty showed me the way to go, In the void, God revealed His wondrous light. I was … Continue reading Behold the Wondrous Light

Advent Day 22- Shepherd Song

What a glorious night this is, Indeed, our hearts are full of wonder. For the Lord has revealed His Hope to us, The Almighty has shown us His Promise. In the small bed we saw the Light of the Lord, The Radiance of God was in that bed of straw. His gaze upon us gave … Continue reading Advent Day 22- Shepherd Song